Our Publications

The Alliance produces a bespoke hotel publication that is site specific to a luxury hotel.

This bespoke publication will provide guests with detailed information about the hotel and will feature a select number of luxury brands that are partnered with the publication.

The publication is in partnership with Les Clefs D’Or (The National Association of Professional Concierges of America) and features their logo along with the Golden Keys on the publication.

Brands that are partnered with The Alliance utilize our special tools to access a unique channel to integrate a personalized shopping experience for the hotel guests.

Inclusion in this bespoke publication enables a business message to be viewed and retained by affluent individuals staying at the hotel. These affluent guests expect reliable recommendations for the purchase of luxury goods and wish to enjoy destination experiences from carefully selected brands.

The increased traffic driven to the boutiques and the translation thereof is very easily measured. The distribution allows you to maximize your reach and impact.

Our purpose is to be a trusted partner to the Concierge; developing tools to give their guests the essential local information they need to enjoy a great stay while building relationships between the hotel guests and brand partners.